Superblock to Provide Monthly Blockchain Reports on Bloomberg Terminal


Superblock, the main contributor of the ‘Over Protocol’ mainnet, provides a blockchain insight report to Bloomberg Terminal. Superblock announced on January 29th, “Every month, we will provide a blockchain report containing Superblock’s insights on Bloomberg Terminal.”

Superblock will start with a report on the topic of ‘Analysis of the Rollup Solutions’ and will list a blockchain report targeting the global market every month. Rollup, a leading Layer 2 solution, effectively tackles blockchain scalability. Incorporating methods like Optimistic and ZK Rollup, it boosts transaction speed and lowers costs.

The Bloomberg Terminal is the world’s leading solution for global business and finance research, analytical tools, data, and news on markets and industries, used by financial institutions, government agencies, and corporations worldwide. The Terminal provides information on various asset classes, from fixed income to equities, foreign exchange to commodities, and derivatives to crypto assets.

Ben (Jae-Yun) Kim, CEO of Superblock, said, “Blockchain is a technology that creates a new financial market and makes the market more efficient. We hope that Superblock’s blockchain reports will be widely used to provide people with new experiences and practical benefits.”